You know you love it... Gossip Girl

Ok, I am going to begin this post by promising not to go on and on about my obsession with Gossip Girl, because basically, I am utterly and completely addicted to this show and could talk about it under water for 8 hours straight. I absolutely adore everything about it... I honestly can’t get enough of it! And the sad part is my addiction is not new, with the possibility to dwindle in a few months, I have been addicted to GG for years! Nothing is more appealing than popping on an episode or 2 (or 5) after a hard day’s work. Does anyone else share the same addiction!? If so, you will appreciate these raw and beautiful photos...

love oracle wild x


FALLing for cable knit

It is always at the very end of a season I begin to long for what is to come next, and the saying "you always want what you don't have" completely applies to me as I WANT the cool weather to hit! I am ready to wear super cute coats, boots and beanies, but I especially can't wait to rock a chunky cable knit! Effortless, classy and so toasty warm, this will definitely become a winter staple for me. love oracle wild x


Woodstock Dreaming

When I think of Woodstock, I endlessly contemplate why I was not born in this era? Pictures from this one off music festival send me into a state of nostalgia, curiosity and ridiculous excitement! I want to go to Woodstock!  And yes, you read right, "one off". I always believed that Woodstock was an on-going, annual event, like say, Coachella. But there was only one Woodstock… 3 days of peace and music. Although I wasn’t part of it, I can dream……. 

Yep it is true!

 Until next time... peace out . love oracle wild x