Colour Me Happy

I must admit, it has taken me some time to warm to this ‘trend’, but I can say with confidence that I am utterly addicted. Colour blocking is here, has been for a while, and isn’t leaving anytime soon. I am someone who clings to classy neutrals, blacks, white and not a lot in between, so to embrace this trend is a huge step for me, but one I am ready to take wholeheartedly. Colour blocking is either all or nothing, and I chose ALL! Teamed with a touch of metallic gold, the look is all-time. Below are a few of my favorite looks. (Let me know if you would like me to include any of my favourite buys online with my blog posts, something I am considering to add)

love oracle wild


Style Icon of the Month: Olivia Palermo

I can never tire of Olivia... One of my all time favorites! Olivia exudes style, beauty, elegance and everything in between. She always looks immaculate in her own eclectic, polished and feminine way. These are some of my favorite flicks…

love oracle wild x



Now before I begin this post, I want to make it clear that there is no way on this planet I endorse the use of real fur. Ew. Animals are so cute and should only be cuddled, not worn!
On a positive note, I am in love with faux fur. In love, I could live it in 24/7. So warm, elegant, chic and classy, the perfect way to look amazing in winter without freezing at the same time. Seriously, how good is that? And there are so many faux fur pieces out there that will leave you super toasty but killing it on the outside. Here is some fur inspiration...

Can her bag be any more amazing? LOVE!

love oracle wild x


You know you love it... Gossip Girl

Ok, I am going to begin this post by promising not to go on and on about my obsession with Gossip Girl, because basically, I am utterly and completely addicted to this show and could talk about it under water for 8 hours straight. I absolutely adore everything about it... I honestly can’t get enough of it! And the sad part is my addiction is not new, with the possibility to dwindle in a few months, I have been addicted to GG for years! Nothing is more appealing than popping on an episode or 2 (or 5) after a hard day’s work. Does anyone else share the same addiction!? If so, you will appreciate these raw and beautiful photos...

love oracle wild x